Student Poverty

At Moore Student Living, we love everything education. The students, the universities, the passion – it is who we are. It makes up our identity. It is also why we are stepping up to provide toilet facilities at impoverished schools in Africa with local charity organization

Please read below to learn more about our vision and plan to be a part of the poverty change solution for students.

In the locations that Moore Student Living operates in our goal is to raise $20,000 prior to 2025 for to help fund new toilet projects in Africa. Currently, Moore Student Living has partnered with food and convenience store operators at Dalhousie and Saint Mary’s Universities and supplies donation tins to increase donations.

During the summer of 2018, Moore Student Living helped raised over $11,000 for for the next toilet facility project scheduled to be built in May 2019 at an all-girls primary and secondary school in Sierra Leone. During June 2018, we have seen first-hand the effect of bringing toilet facilities to FAWE primary secondary school in Sierra Leone. In a country with one of the highest rates of youth deaths in the world (ages 18-35), improving sanitary living conditions by supplying sustainable toilet facilities has dramatic impact on health and disease.

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